Fietsersbond: the conscious choice for the bike

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More than 23,500 cyclists in Flanders and Brussels already support the Fietsersbond and demand a future-oriented and conscious choice for the bike.  

To make the bike a logical choice for all journeys, the Fietsersbond together with hundreds of volunteers at sixty local divisions is working towards:

1 A cycle-friendly infrastructure 

To increase cycling, you have to start with a cycle-friendly infrastructure. By means of our surveying bike, we assess the quality and the comfort of cycle paths. In this way, we offer municipalities and cities and objective overview of their cycle infrastructure allowing them to adjust their planned investments where necessary.

In addition to quality cycle paths, we advocate coherent and recognizable cycle routes. After all, a motor way does not suddenly stop either. For that reason, we work towards reviewing cycle routes as a whole and to eliminate the weak links.

In order to get more people cycling, it is also essential to get better bicycle parking areas, intersections tailored to cyclists, car-restricted city centres and a well- balanced spatial planning.

2 Traffic regulations tailored to cyclists

The cycle road (giving priority to cycles over other traffic) and turning right on red make cycling more efficient and attractive. At present, we are aiming at a 30 km/h zone everywhere in built up areas. That turns cycling into a logical choice.

3 Tax incentives to promote cycling

In order to promote cycling by means of tax incentives, we already realised the introduction of cycling expenses for home to work traffic. To make the bicycle an even more logical choice, we demand additional tax provisions.

Support a future-oriented and conscious choice for the bike

If you are interested in a cycle-friendly infrastructure, which allows you to cycle to work safely and comfortably, to do your shopping and to take your children to school… get in touch and join us. You will pay 23 euro for one person and 30 euro for the entire family. In addition, you will also enjoy a year’s worth of membership advantages like legal assistance insurance and discounts from bicycle dealers.

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